New Technology to solve an old problem

Dishwasher Design has changed a lot over the years. Today’s tall tub dishwashers have increased capacity and super quiet operation. How quiet? Some of our GE dishwashers are so quiet, you have to look at a light on the front to see if it’s even running. Use the timer features to run your dishwasher late at night when hydro prices are cheap. Dishwashers designed in the last few years are heavily soundproofed. There’s no concern it’ll wake up your family.

New features available include hard food disposers to pulverize food particles that might clog up your system. So you’ll never have to do the dishes… before doing the dishes. GE Dishwashers also have the ability to sense leaks and alert you with an audible and visual notification.

Our GE Dishwashers are energy-star compliant to reduce consumption of electricity and hot water.