Spend more cuddle time with your Mess Makers – Save Money with a new Washer/Dryer Pair

The latest generation of laundry appliances use far less water, soap and hydro compared to previous generations. While your new GE Washer is significantly quieter, you’ll enjoy the option of larger capacity with operation costs that are quite cheap. Washers and Dryers from GE can often be stacked to save space in cramped laundry-rooms.

While front-load washers are more common today, we still have a complete line of traditional top-load washers. The Notre Dame Boys have more models in-stock than a typical appliance store, which means less waiting for our customers. This is especially important when replacing an appliance that’s broken down.

Our GE Washer Dryer pairs are plugged in and functional if you want to see (and hear) how well they work. Bring a load of laundry if you like. (it wouldn’t be the first time)