Reclining Sofas and sectionals

Reclining Sofas and Sectionals

Take your sofa to the next level

It’s the La-Z-Boy experience you can share. With all the quality construction and comfort you’d expect from a La-Z-Boy Chair, your Reclining Sofa or Sectional is even more of a good thing.

Choose a La-Z-Boy Loveseat for the perfect two-person living room centrepiece. You’ll never argue about who gets the good chair ever again.

Different design options and colour schemes available make it even more important to choose a store with a larger inventory. As the region’s only La-Z-Boy Comfort Studio, The Notre Dame Boys are committed to having more models in-stock ready for delivery to your home.

We can show you dozens of pictures featuring La-Z-Boy reclining sofas, loveseats and sectionals, but you really need to experience them in person to understand what they’re all about. We invite you to visit The Notre Dame Boys and see the latest from La-Z-Boy.