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We Believe

    • We believe a store should actually have products to sell you, not just “display” items you can order. We believe if you like what you see you should be able to take it home today.
    • We believe it’s not your job to plan ahead two weeks before you need something. That’s how long it generally takes to receive furniture or appliances from “showroom” stores. It’s our job to know what you need before you need it, and have it ready to go.
    • We believe delivery means bringing furniture and appliances to your home – not cardboard and a mess.
    • We believe your time is valuable. We open and check every box before bringing it to your home. Your doorstep is not the place to discover a product mixup or hidden damage.
    • We believe in removing the old stuff you’re replacing. Our goal is to magically transform the old into the new – with no evidence we were ever there.
    • We believe the delivery job is not done until every hose is tight and every bolt on a bed frame is secure. That’s our job, not yours.
    • We believe it’s our job to fix mistakes. If you make a mistake, our supplier makes a mistake, or we make a mistake – in each case, it’s our job to fix it.
    • We believe it’s okay to tip the delivery people if you’re super-happy with their service – in fact, it happens all the time.
    • We believe amateur plumbers, electricians or gas fitters can cause serious problems. We won’t attempt to do their job, so please don’t ask us to. We’ll happily provide some names if you need a referral to a licensed tradesperson.